Youth work policy goals

This episode is about youth work policy goals of the European Union and the Council of Europe. How similar and how different are they? How can they be reached by, for example, the European Year of Youth planned for 2022?
The EU-Council of Europe Youth Partnership has recently published a research paper “European youth work policy goals analysed” written by Ilona-Evelyn Rannala, Jelena Stojanovic and Marko Kovacic. The goal of this analysis is to showcase, examine and compare youth work policy goals/objectives of the European Union and the Council of Europe. Where do they meet? What is different? What tools do they propose to reach the youth work policy goals? 

In this episode, we are discussing these questions with Babis Papaioannou from the European Commission and Ilona-Evelyn Rannala, a youth researcher from Estonia. We also look into the European Youth Work Agenda and the response it got from the member states and the European Year of Youth.

Hosts: Dariusz Grzemny and Tanya Basarab

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