Making the value of youth work visible

Get to know the Visible Value library of resources on recognition of youth work of the Youth Partnership.
How far has youth work gained formal, social and political recognition? Bit by bit resources and actions are having an impact on how we perceive the valuable contribution it has to young people and society as a whole and an ongoing objective.

In this episode we introduce the Visible Value library of resources and inspiring stories on youth work recognition developed by the EU-Council of Europe Youth Partnership. With Nik, Darko and Tanya we are discussing recognition from grass-root to international level, how recognition is an important layer of youth work processes and an important pre-condition for making youth work a viable career pathway.   

Guests: Nik Paddison and Darko Markovic
Hosts: Ismael Páez Civico and Tanya Basarab

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Have a look at our resources on recognition of youth work. 
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