Youth work in Eastern and Southeast Europe

In this episode, we are talking with researchers - Max Fras and Dunja Potočnik - about youth work in two regions: Eastern and Southeast Europe. We are discussing how youth work is done in these regions and what trends and developments related to youth work can be observed. The link to the transcript of this episode can be found in the full description / notes.
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How is youth work done? Who does it? Is it recognised? And if yes, how? How does one become a youth worker? What are the trends and developments in youth work and youth policy? How will the results of the latest European Youth Work Convention impact youth work and how youth work can contribute to the Bonn Process? These are just a few questions we are discussing in this episode, with the geographical focus on Eastern and Southeast Europe. 

In order to talk about the realities of youth work in these two regions we have invited two researchers: Dunja Potočnik and Max Fras. They were both a part of teams researching youth work in Eastern and South East Europe. We are also joined by Tanya Basarab from the EU-Council of Europe youth partnership.

Host: Dariusz Grzemny 

Enjoy listening!

Have a look at the publications related to the topic of our episode:

Youth Work in Eastern Europe: Realities, perspectives and inspiring initiatives, by Alena Ignatovitch, Max Fras and Tanya Basarab, available HERE

Quality Development Of Youth Work In South-east Europe - analytical paper, by Dunja Potočnik and Dragan Stanojević, available HERE

Youth Work in South East Europe: Paper on the state of play of the development of youth work, by Marko Kovacic and Lana Pasic, available HERE

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