Youth work and the war in Ukraine

This is the second episode on solidarity with Ukrainian young people. This time we explore the youth work reality both in Ukraine and the neighbouring countries that received young refugees.
Youth work has been very fast in responding to the situation caused by the war in Ukraine, providing humanitarian aid and youth services for internally displaced young people within Ukraine and also to young refugees outside Ukraine. How do youth work competences help youth workers in dealing with the situation? How can young refugees from Ukraine benefit from youth work? What support is needed for youth workers who work with internally displaced young people and Ukrainian refugees? 

  • Olena Glazkova - a youth worker in the youth centre in Kremenchuk in Ukraine
  • Deimantė Venckutė - a youth worker and leader of the Gargždai Open Youth Centre in Klaipėda (Lithuania)
  • Raluca Iordăchianu - a vice-president of the Federation of Youth NGOs in Iași (FONTIS) in Romania
Hosts: Tanya Basarab and Dariusz Grzemny

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