Young people, social inclusion and digitalisation

In this episode we are talking about the new publication of the EU - Council of Europe youth partnership on "Young people, social inclusion and digitalisation" together with its two editors: Dan Moxon and Veronica Ștefan.
The EU-Council of Europe youth partnership has done research on the topic of young people, social inclusion and digitalisation in 2019 and has recently published the youth knowledge book on “Young people, social inclusion and digitalisation”.

In 16 chapters, the authors critically examine if and how digitalisation can support the quest for social inclusion, ranging from the exploration of policies, tools and platforms available to young people and youth workers in Europe, supporting young people’s access to education and employment opportunities, opening up avenues for digital youth work, providing opportunities for participation for young people with disabilities, channels of integration for migrant communities and young refugees across Europe and support networks for young LGBTI persons. The book will be officially presented online on 11 May at 11:00 CEST and you can still join the presentation. You can find the link to the event in the notes of this episode.

Hosts: Dariusz Grzemny and Lana Pasic

Guests: Dan Moxon and Veronica Ștefan

The transcript is available here [LINK]


Facebook event on 11 May at 11:00 CET [LINK]

Young people, social inclusion and digitalisation [LINK]

About our guests:

Veronica Ștefan
- Founder of the Digital Citizens think tank. Veronica is a professional focused on policy, education, digital citizenship and innovation in both national and international contexts. She has been working with various stakeholders for more than 14 years, at all levels. Veronica has extensive experience in advocacy campaigns, youth initiatives and public policies connected to education, participation, the labour market, technology literacy and the digital sector. Starting in 2015, Veronica has worked intensively at the intersection of new technologies, human rights and digital governance, as Member of the Media Literacy Task Force of the North-South Centre, General rapporteur for the first Council of Europe seminar on artificial intelligence and its impact on young people, and Trainer and expert in various Internet Governance Forum initiatives (including IGF Berlin 2019 and SEEDIG 2020), among other positions. Veronica is also the founder of the first Romanian digital think tank, Digital Citizens, with a genuine interest in shaping the digital society. In this framework, she combines her passion for digital education, research and policy analysis.

Dan Moxon - Director, People Dialogue and Change (UK). Dan is a Member of the Pool of European Youth Researchers co-ordinated by the partnership between the Council of Europe and the European Commission in the field of Youth. He is a researcher and practitioner in the field of inclusive youth participation, with nearly 20 years’ experience in the public voluntary and aca[1]demic sectors. In his current role at People Dialogue and Change he specialises in providing consultancy and capacity-building services for organisations that wish to develop their approach to youth participation or involve young people in policy making. He has undertaken work for a variety of local, national and international bodies, and developed participatory youth programmes for young people from a range of backgrounds, including disabled young people, young people with chronic health conditions, young people in social care, homeless young people and young Muslims. In 2018, his research supported the Estonian–Bulgarian–Austrian Trio Presidencies of the EU to enable nearly 50 000 young people to develop the EU Youth Goals.
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