Power, participation and geographical isolation

In this episode we are talking with John Taylor and Anja Johnston about the digital project they did in the Scottish Highlands. We discuss how living in the remote areas influences the life of young people and what is the role of youth services in such places. This is the first episode, in which we are interviewing the authors of different chapters in the Knowledge Book on Young people, social inclusion and digitalisation. There is more to come!
This episode is one of the few ones, in which we will talk with different authors who contributed to the latest Youth Knowledge Book on Young people, social inclusion and digitalisation. 

Dariusz Grzemny and Lana Pasic are talking with two guests who wrote the chapter on Power, participation and geographical isolation exploring the impact of a digital project run with young people in the Scottish Highlands: 

John Taylor - Area Youth Officer from High Life Highland and Anja Johnston - an assistant youth worker in the far North of Scotland, who took part in the co-design and development of the Highland project as a young person. 

Young people who were involved in the project live mainly in rural areas, located sometimes tens or hundreds kilometres from the nearest town. They often do not have access to a broadband internet. Many of the villages and small settlements are not served by public transport and the only access is by car or, in some cases, by boat. Young people who live outside the main residential areas and attend school have long journey times to get there. Until summer 2018, John had never understood the term digitalisation, nor the concept of digital youth work. However, together with young people they managed to develop and run an interesting digital project. 

Enjoy this episode!

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Young people, social inclusion and digitalisation. Emerging knowledge for practice and policy [LINK]
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